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Little Angel - Title Logo Gloubiland is designed Little Angel - Title Logo

One of the 7 areas is called "Gloubiland". It contains 2 rivers, a lake and various types of trees. But do not think you can walk peacefully... Gloubignas and Gloubibooms are waiting for you. And if you are brave enough, you will discover the queen of the Gloubis family, hiden in the underground...

101.248 tiles compose the zone of Gloubiland. It is the second bigest area of the Little Angle's world. It is also where you will start your adventure. The ennemies are not strong, but there are moving faster than you. Separately, there are easy to kill. But getting into a fight with a groupe of more than 2 characters can quicky be a nightmare for the beginner.

You will discover a dungeon in the underground. Inside it, the flora and fauna are not the same as on the surface. Do not enter into it if you are not correctly prepared. Or it will be a desaster. Except if you want to experiment feeding the beasts with your own blood...

Little Angel - Title Logo World map is completed Little Angel - Title Logo

The map is designed. This means that from now, we know the exact size of the world and where every monsters, objects, dungeons, and other quest objects will be placed.

It is a big step in the creation of a complete world. Before placing any objects, you need to know where there are going to be located. If you don't, you will forget it and a lot of things will be missed. Also, you have to decide the size of each area to make sure that enough monsters will be placed and the player will never have to wait them to respawn.

Now the map is drawn and we can move forward. Our next mission is to design the objects and use our in-house editor to put the objects to the place their belong. Area by area. First one will be the Gloubiland.

You have noticed that the image is blurry. It is not an artistic effect. It is because we would like to keep it secret until the release (planned by the end of the year).

blurry map

Monsters of Little Angel

Little Angel - Title Logo Monsters creation is over Little Angel - Title Logo

There are many monsters in the world of Little Angel. We are please to announce that all monsters are now designed and animated!

The world of Little Angel is a varied place. There are 7 areas and all monsters are located in one of those specific area. Of course, one zone can have several type of beast.

Some are visible but other are hiding in the underground.
Some attack with their hands but other prefer ranged attack.
Some inflict direct damages and other will try to poison you.
What if some explode like kamikaze? Or heal their partners? Or generate other monsters?

You will never know until you beat them all!

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